The Swaraj Spy

The Swaraj Spy is a historical fiction novel based on the author’s granduncle’s life which establishes the factual and emotional essence of this chunky read.

Kumar Nair, the protagonist of this book is at the centre of all events throughout, once a foot soldier of the movement, he was expelled for disobeying an order of dispersing and assaulting (if required) peaceful women protestors agitating for India’s freedom from the British rule.

A deeply detailed plot, the author never misses to describe in depth any event, character, emotion or landscape. Spanning across significant historical events that changed the geo-political dynamics affecting our protagonist and the world in myriad ways. Kumar’s character and those supporting the plot have lived a challenging life in some way or the other. Sustaining with meager needs, attempting to establish multiple ventures to thrive financially, struggles to live a normal life as a family man come to the fore showing the capacity and grit of those who willed to make it.

I love the steady pace of this historical account, it sheds light on Singapore’s situation during the world war 2 and many significant and trivial aspects that affected those involved. This book delivers what the author intents to portray.

Read this fictional peek into a bygone era, devour it slowly.

Verdict: Yes, yes, yes!

Thank you for the copy Harper Collins India and Reader_Viddh.

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